Aerial filming with a quadcopter of the British landscape

British landscape video and commentary provided by drone videographer.

“Aerial filming of British landscape. Filmings made in Britain in mid
Backing off aeronautical footage does as a rule give smoother looking
footage, giving obviously that you utilize higher edge rates in any
case. It just works obviously in the event that you are not taping
activity that should be at typical velocity. Indeed, even along these
lines, higher casing rates will obviously tend to give you less jello
as the shade rate will be lessened.

Utilizing as meager panning as could be expected under the
circumstances will likewise lessen outline jitter, or in the event
that you have to dish by yawing, keep it as moderate as you can and
again utilize a higher casing rate. I’ve decreased my yaw additions to
least to back things off. The video in this string, is mostly
consistent straight line flying, which is the easiest to get enduring
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