Parrot Bebop Drone – Launch video and spec review

Check out this (above) well done video for the Parrot Bebop drone launch.  Published in Nov 2014, it provided excellent examples of video that can be captured with this quadcopter as well as some of its cool features.

The Bebop features things like:

  • A 14 megapixel camera with fisheye lens for 180 degree field of vision
  • 180 degrees camera vision with control of the camera angle obtained from the piloting application via thumb movement with shifting on the 180 angle being fully digital and independent of drone movements
  • 3-axis image digital stabilization
  • Wi-Fi antennas: MIMO dual band with signal range of up to 250m (820ft)
  • Anti-vibration bumpers
  • 8GB flash memory storage for full HD recording
  • Autonomous flight using GPS for automatic return and flight control
  • Speed of 13 mps (29mph)
  • Fight time up to 22 minutes with 2 batteries included
  • Stability sensors
    – 3-axes magnetometer
    – 3-axes gyroscope
    – 3-axes accelerometer
    – Optical-flow sensor
  • Comes with the free piloting app, Freeflight 3 for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Add-on remote controller, Skycontroller: Dual Wi-Fi controller with HDMI and USB dock of smartphone and tablet; extends range to upto 1.9km (1.2 miles)

Looking for a video review of the Bebop with the Skycontroller, Blunty published in March 2015 a well done step through of its capabilities.

Find out more about this cool little quadcopter from the Parrot Bebop product page