BIZZBY SKY – Drones On-Demand

On-­demand lifestyle services App BIZZBY is trialling BIZZBY SKY, a groundbreaking
consumer collect­ and­ deliver on-­demand drone service using the Company’s proven
realtime smartphone technology platform.

According to Bizzby:

Based in London’s TechCity, the company’s research and development team have
developed a fully autonomous drone that’s capable of delivering small items between
addresses at the push of a button via a smartphone App.

Drones can be requested in seconds to arrive at a pickup location within minutes. An
automated secure storage box is released to accept delivery items of up to 500 grams. At
the tap of a button the drone departs to the delivery address, while an on­board camera
delivers real­time footage of its journey to the recipient directly within the App. On arrival, the item is released from the secure compartment.

Commenting on the trials, BIZZBY founder and CEO Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio says:
“We are currently focused on delivering on­-demand lifestyle services from cleaning, handymen, beauty, deliveries to everyday help and believe in using technology to make our
lives easier. As the pioneer of on­-demand services we believe drone delivery is the future
and we’re at the forefront of its development.”

BIZZBY SKY’s main limitations are legislation, CAA regulations, battery power, weight and
flight distance. The drones are able to fly unmanned to a height of 400 feet with built in
sensors to avoid collisions, respect restricted fly zones and features a reserve battery
which kicks in to return home safely should it encounter difficulties. “Although it may seem futuristic, technology is advancing rapidly and it’s a matter of time before we’re able to roll the service out to the public. We’re urging anyone interested to visit our website and sign our e­-petition for No 10 to bring drone legislation to the forefront.”

“This is the future and we’re proud to be the first UK company driving innovation, just
imagine the possibilities this opens up from delivering important documents, keys to urgent
medical supplies -­ the sky’s the limit” adds Luvaglio.

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