Computer Vision Apps for Drones | Percepto

This company is planning to launch a new product that includes a processing unit and a camera and pre-installed applications, including their “The Director” which “will assess and capture the best angles and frames for scenes.”  They hope also to get users to create new applications using their SDK.

From Percepto’s Indiegogo page, Percepto: Computer Vision Apps for Drones,  “Percepto is a tiny black box ​that consists of a Tegra K1 based processing unit and a camera which easily connects to almost any drone, enabling users to create, upload and use existing apps from one centralized place, known as the Percepto Marketplace.”  “Percepto App Marketplace is meant to be the 1st marketplace designated for drone apps. Percepto’s open source platform allows drone owners to reuse and share software, driving down the cost of of developing new drone capabilities.”