Drone captures sights and scenery of Cuba

Toward promoting Cuba’s growing tourist industry, the Cuban government gave permission to a group of Cuban techies who built their own drone to fly throughout Cuba to capture the island’s scenery from the air. In the above video, a CNN reporter does an excellent job on reporting the current status of drones in the country and including some great clips captured by the drone of the island beauty.  Aerial shots include the beaches, waterfall in the forest, city life, and one of Cuba’s many classic cars cruising the beach road.

Apparently the Cuban government is not a fan of unmanned aerial vehicles … drones … so they are virtually non-existent in Cuba. Tourists have reported having their UAV’s confiscated when they arrive in the country.  Now it seems that the government’s attitude might be starting to change. The group of DIY drone builders was given special permission to do the aerial filming around the island … to promote Cuba’s growing tourism industry.

Check out more Cuba scenery

Here is another excellent video “that uses a drone to capture various vistas around Cuba.

With new interest in visiting Cuba, one of its beaches was included in TripAdvisor’s 2016 rankings of the world’s best beaches.   Playa Paraiso, Cayo Largo, Cuba was ranked as the 3rd best beach in the world.  Here it is captured on video … not by drone, however 🙂 🙂