Drone Catches Man Sunbathing Atop a Wind Turbine

Look what people will do to get some peace and quiet.  Thanks to drone tech this guy was caught stretched out atop a wind turbine hundreds of feet in the air enjoying a little solitude.  The bearded gentleman didn’t seem to notice the drone at first … looks like he might have been catching a suntan and/or enjoying a nap.  When he finally sees the drone hovering overhead he doesn’t seem surprised … he sits up and gives and gives the camera (on the drone) a quick wave and then stares intently as is closes in for a better view.

The Inside Edition video report shows short clips of fuller segments which is available online.  Here is one video on YouTube that gives a more complete show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9v4tee7zD8   This longer version of the video shows the drone taking off at the base of the wind turbine, which is located in Rhode Island,  and flying up to the top of the massive turbine where it discovers the unusual scene.  It hovers close for awhile and then flying out for additional wide views of the wind turbine and its guest perched on top.