Drone Delivery Service Launched in China – SF Express

Chinese logistics company SF Express has begun using small drones to deliver packages to remote and mountainous areas in south China.  SF Express says it already has a fleet of drones flying 500 parcels a day to the remote areas and now is looking to double capacity to 1,000 packages a day, according to an article on DailyMail.com

This video was posted by drone maker Xaircraft, which indicates that they have been working with SF Express on testing/developing drones for package delivery since 2013 and that actual deliveries will start in 2015 … we therefore assume that the drones being used by SF Express for their new service are those from Xaircraft.

According Xaircraft’s website, its delivery drones can carry loads up to 10 kilograms (353 oz), with a maximum range of 20 kilometers (12 miles).

Prior to each flight of the parcel drone, a worker needs to place the drone in a designated spot. Destination and route information is preprogramed, and the drone can fly on its own.

SF Express and XAIRCRAFT drone delivery