Drone FPV Racing in Ontario Canada

Report from Motherboard as they travel to rural Canada to see what was billed as Canada’s first organized drone race.  The hobby-sport of FPV drone racing is taking off around the world and racing events like these are popping up in places like Clinton, Ontario in rural Canada.

The course was set-up indoors with obstacles placed around the track for the mini quadcopters to fly under, through, and around.  Controlling the drones to navigate them through this course are the racers fitted with FPV (first person view) goggles.  Traveling at a high rate of speed through obstacles and with other quads flying in close proximity can result in a few crashes.  But that is part of the fun of FPV racing.

The man on the ground that Motherboard sent to find out more about this new sport was VICE Canada’s Patrick McGuire.  Patrick does an excellent job as he delves into the “ins and outs” of FPV Racing.

More videos from Motherboard can be found on their YouTube channel: