Drone helps capture hike of Robin Lakes area

Join the No Anchor group for a hike of the Robin Lakes, Washington area. Great video with drone capture from the air of the hikers and the surrounding majestic terrain that makes Washington so popular with hikers and anyone that appreciates outdoor beauty.

From the video publisher:
We are getting in those last few hikes before the snow falls. Most of
us in the No Anchor crew had never been to Robin Lakes so we loaded up
Rex (A 4×4 man van you can follow @rexthevan) and hit the road. Join
our mailing list to get an invite on the next adventure.

The Robin Lakes were magical. The water looked like it should flow
right down the mountain side. And the sunset… You would have to see
it to believe.

Explore Episode 3 – Location – Snoqualmie Region – Tuck and Robin

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Song: Ramzoid – Everything

Finding Robin Lakes: