FPV Drone Racing in Melbourne Australia in SlowMotion

Excellent slow and fast motion footage of drone racing in Melbourne Australia.  The FPV footage was from a Minion 220 mini quad, while the slow motion footage was shot with an iPhone 6 at 720 pixels and at 240 frames per second.  The slow motion segments of the quads flying what looks like in formation are truly awesome !  Kind of a Matrix meets Star Wars effect.

The group is racing around what looks to be a park trail.  Flat ground but lots of trees and bushes to navigate around … with at least one collision.  Some excellent fast flying by the pilots of what looked like 3-4 quads.

FPV drone racing is gaining traction around the world with underground races in old warehouses, groups finding empty parking structures and parks to test their skills, and even a growing number of formal races around the globe.  2015 looks to be an exciting year for drone racing !

Credits provided by video publisher:
Music by Approaching Nirvana: http://www.youtube.com/user/Approachi…
Song: Redux