Drone Racing League’s first FPV race event of 2016

The Drone Racing League’s season-opener race of 2016, Level 1: Miami Lights, was held at the NFL’s Sun Life stadium (home of the Miami Dolphins).  Some of the worlds best drone racers gathered at the stadium that was transformed into the fastest three-dimensional course ever created for FPV drone racing.

The plan for the 2016 season is to hold four more races at different venues before the final World Championship event.  The next (Level 2) race will take place in an abandoned mall (Hawthorne Mall) in Los Angeles in March.

Miami: Level One

The DRL’s season opener, dubbed Miami Lights, transformed the NFL stadium into the fastest three-dimensional course ever created for first-person view (FPV) drone racing.  The course was a little over half a mile.  Watch the finals for this racing event in the above video.

Here is an animation of the course layout.


Drone pilots first fly around the circumference of the stadium, then they move around a series of obstacles on the concourse inside the stadium, and finally they navigate around a helix-shaped staircase before taking one last lap around the stadium.

The race works like this:

  • 3 qualifying races – 12 pilots – 3 heats each
  • 2 semi-final races – 8 pilots – 3 heats each
  • Final race – 4 pilots – 3 heats
  • Scoring: Pilots earn 50 points each for passing two checkpoints and finishing the course. They also get 10 points for every second they finish under the two-minute time cap.


About the Drone Racing League

DRL is a professional drone racing league. Top pilots fly high-speed drones at iconic locations around the world.  A DRL race is scored based on a combination of completion time and checkpoints.  Each DRL drone is custom designed and built by DRL engineers to exacting standards of speed, performance, and endurance.
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The DRL Racer2

DRL Racer 2
Image: DRL

For the 2016 season the races are using the DRL Racer2 which is a custom built quad for professional racing and measures in at 255 mm.   It has a carbon fiber frame to protect the electronic components from impact and includes an integrated HD camera mount.  The ultra-bright LED’s surround the drone for visibility and pilot identification.
It utilizes a Rotorgeek 20A electronic speed controller paired with Cobra 2204 2300kv motors which account for 3.3 kilograms of thrust.

Check out the DRL Racer 2 on the below video …

DRL racing drones are designed for forward flight, and they have a camera positioned on the front of the chassis. They are specifically designed for speed, agility and durability. They use high performance Electronic Speed Controllers which modulate the amount of power that goes to motors, allowing them to speed up quickly or slow down suddenly. The frame is built from sturdy, light weight carbon fiber and made to withstand impact.

Posted by Drone Racing League on Wednesday, February 3, 2016