Drone View of Cairn Curran Reservoir, Australia

Aerial footage from a drone flight over the shrinking/drying Cairn Curran Reservoir located along the Loddon River in Victoria, Australia. Set-up included Vision 9″ Props and Fat Sharks. While post production utilized GoPro Studio and Magix Movie Edit Pro 2014. The video was shot in 1980 X 1440 @ 49 Frames per second.

From Wikipedia, Cairn Curran reservoir is situated along the Loddon River near the townships of Baringhup, Newstead and Welshmans Reef in Victoria, Australia.
Primarily an irrigation reservoir it is home to an active yacht club and is a popular freshwater fishing and water skiing destination. Cairn Curran reservoir is one of a chain of reservoirs along the Loddon River which also includes the Newlyn, Hepburns, Tullaroop, and Laanecoorie Reservoirs.

From video publisher:
CMather Web Development
Music by Youtube: Hooky with Sloane (Bird Creek)