Drone Waiters Help Service Staff – Singapore Test

Infinium Robotics is testing fully autonomous drones for deployment in the food and beverage industry to improve productivity.  An example is in Singapore where there is a labor shortage and food services are having a hard time maintaining adequate staffing levels.  The video documents a live trial where food and drinks are served to central waiting stations near customers, where they are then picked up by the waiters near the station and delivered to the customer.  Essentially, the space from kitchen/bar to near table is managed/serviced by these autonomous drones.

According to Infinium Robotics, the advantages of Infinium-Serve robots as compared to other F&B delivery solutions:
– No need to change the layout of the current restaurant – easily adaptable
– No need to spend money on renovation
– Robots are modular and can be easily maintained – no downtime for maintenance
– No need to worry about the robots moving across different terrains, different levels of grounds, steps and staircases
– Able to sense and detect and avoid humans and obstacles
– Fast, precise and accurate delivery

Video credit:
Infinium Robotics