First U.S. Drone Racing Championships : News Report

FPV racing of drones is moving to the big stage with the first U.S. National Drone Racing Championships being held this week (July 15 – 17, 2015) at the California State Fair.
120 drone pilots will compete for prize money that totals $25,000 as they zip around a course built on a soccer field in Sacramento, California.

In the above video, CBS This Morning does a great job presenting the excitement many are feeling about the future of this new sport and of the personal story of Zoe, some say currently the best FPV drone flyer in the world.


The famous FPV pilot Charpu will be one of the competitors and they say he is the guy to beat.

So what will the drone pilots be flying?  According to the Drone Nationals FAQ page, 250 class …  Anything that measures up to a maximum of 330mm from rotor shaft to rotor shaft is considered eligible.
And the course?
general specs for flying are:
260ft long by 240ft wide
73m long by 80m wide
It is a COUNTER-CLOCKWISE rotation flight path. All four corners will be used with a flag at each corner, with some dog-legs, hairpins and slaloms included inside of the boundary. There will be several gates involved, typically 5’~6′ high, 10′ wide.

From the Drone Nationals home page, the teams competing are:
Atmospheric Adventures, Team Guru FPV, Team Horizon, Team Lumenier (which includes Charpu), Multirotor Misfits, Team Black Sheep (which includes Trappy and Zoe the current female world fpv champion), VooDooQuads, and Team Rotorx
Some great flyers!

Time Trails

Here is a video of the Time Trails for the U.S. Drone Nationals 2015

Update: Champions Crowned

The winners were:
* Individual = FinalGlideAUS
See the  interview with the winner, Chad “Final Glide” Nowak from Australia
* Team = Team Immersion
* Freestyle = FinalGlideAUS

What’s Next ?

How about going beyond the Nationals to the World … the 2016 World Drone Racing Championships

Hello 2016 Drone Worlds!

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Friday, November 6, 2015


Find out more about the 2016 World Drone Racing Championships