Flirtey delivery drones | Australian commercial drone startup co.

Australian commercial drone startup Flirtey, first put their package delivery drones into action in March 2015 in a trial sponsored by Trade Me, the largest online marketplace in New Zealand, where they delivered medical supplies to Land Search and Rescue.

Now in partnership with NASA and Virginia Tech, Flirtey will be the first company to demonstrate commercial drone deliveries in the US in the first-ever Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved commercial drone deliveries in a test on July 17 which the Flirtey and NASA drones will deliver up to 24 packages of prescription medication weighing around 10 pounds to a remote free clinic in Wise, Virginia.

The Flirtey is a lightweight autonomous hexacopter drone that is constructed from carbon fiber, aluminium and 3D printed components. It has a flying range of more than 10 miles from its home base and deploys its cargo from a tether attached to the underside. It also has built-in safety features that will return drone to a safe location if the battery is low and an auto return to home feature if there is a low GPS signal or it losses communication.

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