Flytrex Sky | Personal Delivery Drone

According to the Flytrex website, the Flytrex Sky is the world’s first cloud (internet) connected drone.
You can use it as your personal courier with the Flytrex Messenger app to send and receive shipments.  A messaging app, one click delivery lets you start shipping items to friends and family quickly and easily.   Flytrex uses a collaborative piloting technology that lets both sender and receiver control the drone at different stages of the flight and more.

There is also the Flytrex Pilot app. Fly manually using the on-screen controls or use the auto-pilot tool for autonomous flying, sending the Sky to any location on the map. Detailed display provides overview of the Sky current status at any given time, Return To Home and Immediate Land buttons make it easier and safer to fly than ever before.

On their website they have listed a pre-order special price of $749.  Say it ships in August
and that retail price is $1,099.

Read more at the Flytrex website –