Folding drone expands in a snap for quick takeoff

EPFL, one of two Federal Institutes of Technology in Switzerland, has developed a drone that folds into a pocket-size when not in use by pulling the arms in around the body of the quadcopter, making it more compact and thus easier to package and transport.

One of the problems seen with deploying drones has been that they tend to be cumbersome to transport and launch. Toward mitigating this issue, a team of researchers at Swiss university EPFL have created a fold-up drone that is easy to transport and can quickly deploy itself.

How it works:  When the drone is activated the force of the spinning rotors pop out the arms that are held in place by small magnets.  The arms of the little quadcopter are made from lightweight fiberglass and polyester that when they are fully extended, the upper section shifts horizontally and locks into place.

About EPFL from their YouTube channel:
École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) is one of two Federal Institutes of Technology in Switzerland. Located along the shore of Lake Geneva, the university has more than 9,000 students in seven academic schools including Life Science, Architecture, and Computer Sciences.