FPV Drone Racing | Fast Fright Friday

Having some serious fun and racing with the guys in our super secret garage spot in The Netherlands.

Some awesome speed runs and some nice side by side races and very spectacular crashes.

No Blackouts were damaged in this session!

Mini H setup:
– Blackout Mini H (6inch upgrade) http://www.minihquad.com/frames/mini-h-quad/blackout-mini-h-quad
– Naze32 acro rev5
– ZTW 20A ESCs (simonk) http://www.multirotorparts.nl/esc/ztw-a-series-20a-esc-simonk.html
– Cobra 2204/32 1960kv http://www.multirotorparts.nl/motors/cobra/new-cobra-2204-1960kv-met-vaste-adapter.html
– HQProp 6×45 http://www.multirotorparts.nl/propellers/6-propellers/hqprop-6-x-4-5-glasvezel-versterkte-propeller-set-van-4-groen.html
– Sony PZ0420 Sony SuperHAD 600 FPV camera
– Gopro Hero3 Silver Onboard and some external shots with Black
– 4S 35C 2200mAh Zippy
– Fatshark Dominator V2
– Immersion 5.8 600mW vtx
– Frsky Taranis w telemetry D4R-II http://www.multirotorparts.nl/electronics/rc-zenders-en-ontvangers/frsky-taranis-x9d-plus.html

tpa_rate = 50
tpa_breakpoint = 1350
looptime = 2600