FPV drone racing France | mountain, field and forest

A compilation of some very cool FPV quad flying.  The first clip gives a look at some beautiful mountain terrain as we get an fpv viewpoint of excellent freestyle flying in and out through the doorways of what looks to be some old concrete structure on top of the mountain; passing through the structure and around the top of the mountain overlooking the valley below.

The next clip is on to some airgate flying in a wide open field. Excellent fast flying through the airgates and tight turns at the poles … again with beautiful mountainous scenery in the background.

Another segment gives a taste of flying the infamous NCS course with the Airgonay FPV Addicts group.  You get a feel for how truly challenging of a course for fpv flying (and racing) it is.  Between, around, and under a myriad of obstacles, twisting through the forest of trees, brush, airgates, wind, and the narrow roped lanes how anyone can fly/race with any speed through here without crashing every few feet is surprising … great piloting ! A few crashes shown ! 🙂

It is no surprise that FPV racing is taking off around the world. A kind of meld of gaming and reality, it is fun, exciting, and takes some good skills to keep your quad off the ground !