FPV Drone Racing in Car Park with Mini Quads

Some FPV drone night flying in an empty parking structure.  Watch out for all of the poles!  Great example of some expert fast FPV flying … dodging poles throughout the parking structure.   FinalGlideAus offered up some really great mini quad fpv flying; using the opportunity to test out PID 2 on Cleanflight.  FinalGlideAus offered special thanks to Mark for risking his new ImmersionRC Xugong Pro V2 and getting some cool stabilized shots which really helped the final edited product.

Credits from video publisher FinalGlideAus (check out his YouTube channel):
My setup:
FatShark BaseSD googles
ImmersionRC DUO diversity receiver
ImmersionRC VTX
Spironet antenna
Blackout Mini H 5″
Naze 32 running CLeanflight
Nanotech 1800 4s 65-120c
KISS 18a OneShot enabled
Cobra 2204 2300kv
HQ Bullnose 5×4.5
PZ0420 Super Had II
GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

Mark’s setup:
Dominator goggles
ImmersionRC Duo receiver

Xugong Pro V2
Sunnysky motors with 8″ carbon props
GoPro 3

Marks Mini Quad:
CGX 250 with 6″ arms
MN2206 2000kv motors
HQ 6×4.5 props
Nanotech 1800 4s 65-120c battery
KISS 18a esc’s OneShot enabled
Naze 32 running Cleanflight

Music: StephenSwartzMusic Stephen Swartz – Bullet Train (feat. Joni Fatora)