FPV Racing Mini Quads | Cornwall, UK

Here is a great video of some fpv racing mini quads competing on a course set up in a field near Cornwall, U.K.  There are ground cameras as well as the FPV video feed to catch the action of the 4 quads racing around the course, under the air gates around the poles, with a few crashes. Overall, great video footage.

According to the video publisher (jab1a : you can find his youtube channel here for more exciting fpv racing videos :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyXRx97N6Ku18jypH65RJOg ) the four quads in the race are two ZMR250, one FPV250 and a Spanky 6.  jab1a says he is flying the larger quad due to his Spanky 5 being out of action on the day of the race. The 6 was not setup for racing and had only had a few flights done since enabling Oneshot in Cleanflight and on the KISS ESCs, plenty of oscillating sounds but the quad felt locked in and stable the whole time on stock PIDs. Races are 2 laps long. The video is of race 6 of 9.

Some more comments from jab1a on the event:  “During this flight you can see its already starting to rain but we decided to brave the weather for the fun. Excellent start to the race with JamesB72 taking the lead out of the first corner, Mike was hot on his tail while me and Mark battled it out for 3rd place. On the second lap I am so far behind first place that I decide to cut the corner to try and get a close up shot, disqualified but determined I gave chase until the final corner where JamesB72 got the Win.”

jab1a’s setup:
RealFPV Spanky 6 frame
Sparky v1.0 flight controller
Cleanflight 1.7.1 on stock PIDs (PID controller 0)
12Amp KISS ESC’s running Oneshot
Micro Titan 2204 2300Kv motors
RCTimer 6×3 props
FrSKY X8R using S-BUS without inverter
FrSKY GPS V2 and Lipo monitor via S-port for telemetry
Taranis Tx
2x DC to DC step down modules (5v + 12v)
Sony PZ0420 in plastic case
Fatshark V3 vTx
Gav’s Mk3 Skew Planar Antenna
GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition
Turnigy Nanotech 1300mAh 3s Lipo

flying SOCKS, which is=
Spanky 6
Sparky FC

Launceston, Cornwall, UK

Finger numbing temperatures accompanied by a strong breeze