Insurance Company Gets FAA OK for Drone Testing

VIDEO from The insurer State Farm is working on a plan for drone usage in the near future where claims adjusters in the field would be assisted by drones in certain instances.  For example, if a house’s roof was severely damaged and there was the need to get up on the roof to evaluate the damage, use of a drone could make the operation much safer.  The FAA has given State Farm the OK to start testing their plan.

The use of drones for inspection purposes is expected to grow significantly once regulations have been worked out, whether it be for flying over a construction site for a building inspection, flying over agriculture fields to inspect crops, flying along power lines and structures for maintenance inspection, flying over both man made and natural sources to inspect damage, and many other uses.

The full article is here.

Update – April 16, 2015
According to an article from Risk & Insurance (article can be found here), there are now four insurance companies that have received approval from the FAA to test drones for commercial purposes in the U.S.  They are AIG, Erie Insurance Group, State Farm, and USAA.