Introducing the Ghost Drone from Ehang

The Ehang Ghost quadcopter is billed as the world’s easiest drone to fly. Watch the above video to learn more about this cool quad.  It arrives ready to use and fully assembled and a small G-Box communicates between the smartphone and the drone. Instead of an RC controller you use your smartphone to control the drone and the 2D gimbal fits a GoPro and keeps your shot stable. The Ghost aims to make you an aerial filmmaker with just their smartphone app and a GoPro.

Ehang Ghost droneImage: Ehang

The Ehang Ghost drone launched a successful Indiegogo project where over $855,000 of funds were raised … original campaign was 784% funded on January 9, 2015 according to Indiegogo campaign page.

Some of the features and specs of the Ghost (from their Indiegogo campaign):

  • Smartphone App – travel light without an RC controller and let your phone (with app) do the flying.  Using Auto Mode in the app, you point your finger on the map and the drone flies to that location.
  • One-click commands – take off, hover, return and land are all pre-programmed functions.
  • Fully Assembled – arrives fully assembled
  • Wind/water resistant
  • Auto-follow mode
  • G-Box – 2.4GHz 80mw standard bluetooth communicator
  • GoPro comptatible – compatible with GoPro, including the Hero 3 and Hero4 … with smartphone app controlled 2D gimbal.
  • Night mode – LED lights to track drone in the sky
  • Auto return – automatically returns if connection is lost
  • GPS – UBlox 6M high precision GPS
  • Speed – up to 49 mph
  • Flight time – up to 30 mins or up to 20 mins with gimbal and GoPro attached
  • Wind resistance – up to 21 knots (11 m/s)
  • Control distance – up to 0.6 miles
  • Battery – interchangeable 11.1v 5400mAh LiPo