Japan Drone Events 2017 Report | Consumer, Commercial, Racing

For drone trade shows there are three main expositions in Japan … Japan Drone, International Drone Expo, and IDE Tokyo.  As for the growing FPV drone racing industry, the Japan Drone Racing Association, Drone Impact Challenge, and Japan Drone League hold regular events.

International Drone Expo

Japan International Drone Expo 2017

Held April 19-21, 2017, the International Drone Expo, the second big drone expo of the year, is part of a joint exhibition with the Techno-Frontier and Station & Airport Terminal Expo trade shows. This is the third year, the first event being held in 2015. This year saw various new product and service technologies on display. For a nice, short overview of the event watch the above video. Here some highlights from the expo.

** NEC **

Major electronic company NEC presented their new security service that integrates drones. Promoted as an event security management service, they seem to be focused on servicing the massive security needs for the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Check out the below video from NEC that provides some nice visuals of the service offering. Even if you can’t understand Japanese, I think the concept is clear.
Essentially, the drone is utilized as a key component of the event security apparatus by monitoring from above the areas around the event structure.

** Rakuten AirMap **

Rakuten was displaying their new partnership with AirMap, bringing AirMap’s Unmanned Traffic Management platform to Japan.

Rakuten AirMap’s UTM platform delivers complete situational awareness to airspace managers and enables drone operators to fly safely and stay informed during flight.
Concept Diagram of UTM
Rakuten AirMap UTM system

** Other Mentions **

DoCoMo was at the expo displaying info on their drone package delivery test they performed in Western area of Japan late last year.
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Kokusai Kogyo, a major Japan map company, presented their KKC-3D service which is a cloud based three dimensional (3D) aerial scan and analysis service.

In addition, the JUAVAC Drone Expert Academy had a nice booth. Drone pilot courses seeing a rise in popularity throughout Japan.

International Drone Expo 2018 is scheduled for next April 18-20, again at Makuhari Messe located outside of Tokyo.

Japan Drone

Japan Drone 2017 event
Held before the International Drone Expo on March 23-25, 2017, the Japan Drone event is an expo for the commercial drone market.  This year’s event, the 2nd, saw over 120 companies presenting various products and services for the drone industry and over 9,000 people attending the 3 day event.  Watch the below video from PressTV for some nice coverage of the expo.

In addition to the product/services exhibition, there were other events like a drone movie contest and on the last day of the event an FPV drone race, the Drone Impact Challenge, was held. See more about drone racing in Japan below.

Of the 120+ companies participating in the expo, several were displaying agriculture spraying systems, including DJI, enRoute and ACSL.  These systems are positioned to give the king of agri sprayers, the Yamaha RMAX, some competition, especially for the smaller area farm lands of Japan.
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** DJI **

On display included the new commercial drone Matrice 210 RKT and the agriculture spraying drone the AGRAS MG-1S.

The MATRICE 210 is a high performance industrial drone that supports multiple payload configurations to support applications such as power line, bridge, wind turbine inspections and search and rescue.

DJI Matrice 210 drone
Matrice 210 spec

The AGRAS MG-1S provides a 10L liquid spray tank with a 10min hovering time with the standard takeoff weight of 23.8kg.  The new MG-1S integrates DJI technologies like the new A3 Flight Controller and a Radar Sensing System

DJI AGRAS MG-1S agri spray drone
AGRAS MG-1S spec

Source and Images: DJI

** enRoute **

Commercial drone manufacturer enRoute’s exhibit included the Zion AC1500 agriculture multicopter. The new model AC 1500 is for larger agriculture operations and can carry up to 9 liters of liquid agent and spray up to 1 ha in 10 minutes. In addition, it supports not only liquid but also granular agent spraying can be supported.

enRoute AC1500 agri spray drone
Image: enRoute

** Taisei **

T-Friend is an employee health and well being management service provided jointly by Taisei, Blue Innovation, and NTT East Japan.  Using drone technology, the service monitors inside the office both employees during off hours (overtime) work and potential intruders.

TAISEI T-Friend drone system
Source and Image: Taisei

** ACSL **

ACSL displayed their new agriculture spraying drone. Based on the PF1 platform, the MINORI 1 was designed for a 4L liquid tank, spray coverage of 0.5ha, and a flight time of 10 min.

ACSL Minori1 agri spray drone
Source and Image: ACSL

The 2018 event is scheduled for March 22 -24 and again at the Makuhari Messe convention center.

IDE Tokyo

IDE Tokyo 2017

Held May 24-26, 2017, the IDE Tokyo event is another joint exhibition which is held with the Wireless and the Transport System expos. According to IDE Tokyo, visitors to the 2017 event numbered over 50,000 while the 2016 event saw more than 47,000 visitors over the three day event.
Next year’s (2018) event is scheduled for May 23-25, with an estimate of 55,000 visitors and 350 companies participating.

Drone Racing

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