Japan FPV Drone Racing Events 2017

FPV drone racing is gaining popularity around the world and Japan is no exception. The Japan Drone Racing Association (JDRA), Japan Drone League, and Drone Impact Challenge hold periodic FPV drone racing events.

Japan Drone Racing Association

The Japan Drone Racing Association (JDRA) held their 3rd annual Japan Drone Championship in Hus Ten Bosch.
It was the first night race and it had the perfect backdrop … the theme park Hus Ten Bosch located in Nagasaki Prefecture Japan. Hus Ten Bosch has what they call is Japan’s biggest light show and the park illumination provides the perfect atmosphere for night drone racing. See below video of 2017 park illumination.

The JDRA event was held on Feb 18 and 19, 2017 and according to JDRA:

  • Over 3,250 people attended the event,
  • while a total of over 100,000 watched the live event,
  • including over 80,000 who watched the event live on the Japan video site Niconico.


For the FPV race the drone requirements were:

  • Frame – 300mm diagonal
  • Propeller – 6in max
  • Motor number – 3、4、or 6
  • Battery – 5S max


Huis Ten Bosch Illumination

Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture has what they claim is not only Japan’s largest, but this year the world’s largest light display of its kind with 13 million lightbulbs. It is truly a magnificent display. The current show runs from October 29, 2016 ~ May 07, 2017.

Drone Impact Challenge

Drone Impact Challenge has for the last two years held an FPV drone racing event as part of the Japan Drone expo.
Video from the 2016 race