Japan’s 100 drones “sports” event | 100台の ドローン大運動会

This is a huge “Drone Sports Event” that featured 100 drones participating in various games and sporting events.  The event was part of NicoNico’s “NicoNico 23.5 Hours TV” programing which was a special streaming event that started on July 18 and ran for 23.5 hours.   NicoNico is a major livestreaming and video sharing Japan website where users can upload, view and share video clips. Unlike other video sharing sites, however, comments are overlaid directly onto the video, synced to a specific playback time. By doing this it allows comments to respond directly to events occurring in the video, in sync with the viewer—creating a sense of a shared watching experience.  With NicoNico taking on this event it shows how the interest and popularity of drones is growing in Japan.

One of the world leaders, Japan robot technology and product development will be very helpful as the interest and applications for drones increase in Japan … and around the world.

2015年7月18~19日にかけて行われた「ニコニコ23.5時間テレビ」における企画の一環として、都内某体育館にて「ドローン大運動会 ~ポキリモアルヨ~」が開催されました。
ドローンによる 夢の大運動会 開幕!出場選手は総勢100台のドローン。