Ladybird with Keychain Camera Goes to Yellowstone (No Music)

I’m starting to get better at posting videos. Instead of posting a bunch of the videos I took with my Walkera Ladybird in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, I decided to piece it all together into one. The first half is at Canyon Village, Old Faithful Geyser Basin, and Lake Yellowstone. The second half of the video is the Teton Mountains/Jackson Lake and if you couldn’t tell, that was my favorite place to fly. There is video during sunset, sunrise, and during the afternoon. Somewhere along the trip something small got on my camera lens so I apologize for the small black spot about halfway through. All video was shot from a Keychain 808 #16 Camera attached to my Walkera QR Ladybird. YouTube didn’t like the music I had in the other version so I posted this non music version. Also, I just learned how to flip and roll my Ladybird so in the near future I hope to be posting videos of that as well as better Night Flying videos outside so check back soon! Let me know what you think of this video by leaving comments down below!

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