Mammut 150 Peaks Project: Trango Tower RC Helicopter / Drone Footage

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Pakistan’s eternal Flame:
On July 30, at 4 pm local time, the Mammut pro, David Lama, stood together with Peter Ortner and Corey Rich on the summit of the 6,251 meter Nameless Tower in Pakistan, also known as Trango Tower.
Starting from the sun terrace, it took them ten hours to complete the Eternal Flame route, long considered to be one of the toughest routes over 5,000 meters. This route was opened by climbing legends, Wolfgang G├╝llich and Kurt Albert, in 1989. The ascent for Mammut’s anniversary project was documented by breathtaking photos and unprecedented film footage.

With the Biggest Peak Project in History, Mammut is celebrating its 150th anniversary. Mountaineers from all over the world have climbed 150 peaks on every continent.

Directed by: Corey Rich, filmmaker and adventure photographer (