View of Manhattan Beach, California from a Drone

Shot entirely with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional drone, the beauty of the Southern California beach town of Manhattan Beach is expertly captured. Located just outside of Los Angeles, the town is known for its wide, sandy beaches. The video starts with an aerial view of the streets and neighborhoods of Manhattan Beach merging into the greater LA city area, followed by a view from the pier of the shoreline. Then the drone catches both low and high angles of what Southern California beaches are known for, surfing. The videographer then captures a young women taking a leisurely bike ride along the bike path and walking lane next to the beach that fronts the oceanfront homes of “The Strand”. “The Strand” section of Manhattan Beach includes some of the most expensive real estate per square foot in the United States. Other scenes include volleyball on the beach, a walk on the pier, and more shots of ocean water, sandy beach, and the beautiful, expensive houses within walking distance of the white sand.

The drone videographer, Scott McFarline, did a great job in highlighting the beauty of Manhattan Beach, the beach that according to Wikipedia was named by The Travel Channel the 9th sexiest beach on earth for its 2008 “21 Sexiest Beaches” show. CNN Money also named Manhattan Beach #1 as the “2011 Best Places For the Rich and Single.” Manhattan Beach has also been nicknamed the “Pearl of the South Bay” for its beauty and desirability.

You can find more drone videos from Scott McFarlane on his Vimeo channel located here: