Most Powerful Octacopter from OFM for Professional Aerial filming

OFM GQuad-8 is one very powerful Octacopter with Dual Operator setup for Professional Aerial filming with DSLR cameras and or other heavier production cameras. It offers a great payload upto 6kg to be on safe side. Its rigged with DJI Wookong M system that offers full autonomous flight features and 50 waypoints using iPad GCS. This was the test flight done for our customer who ordered this custom Giant Octacopter and asked it to be the most powerful one.

Interested in this flying giant?  Check out OnlyFlyingMachines’ product page:
Dec 2014 page update says:
New updated Power setup. Improved Flight efficiency and Power. Upto 8kg Payload and upto 45 minutes of flight possible depending upon payload and batteries used.
Now we offer high Quality Industry Grade Waterpoof and Dust proof motors, and Highest quality, high efficiency Carbon Fiber Propellers.

Credits from video publisher alishanmao (check out his YouTube channel):
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