OTR-250 FPV drone racer with innovative offset tilt rotor design

The OTR-250 is a 250 sized racing drone with an offset and tilt rotor design built by racers, for racers.  From Southern California comes a unique design that gives you maximum flexibility to angle your propellers (rotors) without getting rotor wash from front to back rotors. The OTR-250 is designed around a vertically aligned frame giving maximum strength while maintaining a light-weight.

Watch the above video to see a prototype OTR-250 going through a quick test flight. Though flying on a very mild setting, the FC and quad seem to handle quite nicely, then changing it to a much more aggressive setting and flipped it.  Seems to handle nicely.

Interest in FPV drone racing is spreading fast around the world and it is exciting to see new designs like this coming to market to help in propelling this industry into the next big sporting event.

Latest design (as of Feb 2016) for the OTR-250
OTR-250 Prototype

Design Specification and Features:

The OTR-250 is a 250 sized racing quad designed around the idea that light weight, strength, and flexibility to customize your flight characteristics are all important.  Design is for a protective aerodynamic shell over a lightweight carbon fiber frame with 5 and 6 inch limbs available that can be adjusted to 40 degree pitch.

Motor size:
Can be mounted with 2204 motors or, with washers, can fly with 1804 motors as well.

Length : 243mm (approx 9.6 in)
Width: 220mm (approx 8.7 in)
Height: 96mm (approx 3.8 in)

Have fit up to a 4 cell battery in its compartment.

– A separate camera mount will be available for those more interested in recording with a Mobius or mobile recording camera.
– It is running a bent antenna off its vtx, but there is a mounting plate also available if you don’t want to run directly off your vtx.

The quad design incorporates a rounded nose and curved body covering that in theory should offer less drag and thus less downward force being applied to the craft. Here is an illustration of the concept.

OTR-250 Design Technology


This cool looking racer on display at an Orange County Drone Fanatics meeting
OTR-250 event display

Keep a look out for a Kickstarter project in the future to help launch this cool FPV racing quad.
You can also follow the project’s progress on the OTR 250 Facebook page.

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