Parcel delivery drone test by the Finnish post office

The Finnish company, Posti, completed a four day test of parcel delivery via a drone.  The postal services company flew drones carrying up to a 3 kilogram package weight from Finland’s capital of Helsinki to the island of Suomenlinna located about 5km away.  The Reuters video reported that this was the first time in Europe to test mail delivery in an urban area.  While the test looked to be successful, a company representative noted that it will probably be 2-3 years before everything will in place in order to make the drone parcel delivery service a reality.


Amazon, as well as others, are also working on a drone based delivery service.  There are several obstacles that need to be worked out … including weight constraints, distance of flight on a single battery charge, autonomous flight while avoiding collisions, and flying in bad weather to name a few.

When a viable drone delivery service can be launched, the reward will be huge for companies that will then be able satisfy a population’s ever increasing desire for immediate satisfaction … in this sense it would be the purchase and speedy delivery of product to one’s front door.

About Posti Group:  The Posti Group Corporation is a Finnish company, divided into four business groups: Postal Services, Parcel and Logistics Services, Itella Russia and OpusCapita. The State of Finland is the sole shareholder of the company.

Video credit: Reuters