Parrot Disco – wing-shaped drone features review

During CES 2016 (Jan 2016) Parrot presented a prototype of their new drone DISCO, a fixed-wing design.  See the above intro video from Parrot.  It will be interesting to see how it compares to and is received verses the popular rotor copter versions.  The wing-shaped drone does promise fast speed (will look forward to spec) and a nice flight time of around 45 minutes.

It is also being positioned as the first “ready-to-fly” wing-shaped drone that everyone can easily pilot.  You only need to mount the wings to the body and throw it in the air with no piloting skills being required.

The Parrot Disco prototype design image
Parrot Disco Prototype
Image: Parrot

The Disco connects to the Parrot ecosystem through Wi-Fi and can be piloted via the Skycontroller remote controller or the Flight Plan app (Flight Plan is available via an in-app purchase in the free piloting app FreeFlight 3) using the embedded GPS for waypoints.

Disco inherits the 3-axis digital stabilization technology of the Bebop drone camera.  See more about the capability and features of the Bebop drone.

This drone takes off and lands automatically for a new user experience and soft, safe landings.

A newly developed “Autopilot” mode mimics the flight of a seasoned pilot. Parrot engineers are designing a totally innovative piloting system based on assisted control: the computer controls the drone and the pilot can play with the pitch without the risk of a bad maneuver or a stall.

The wing concept drone was conceived with the help of senseFly drone company engineers who are leaders in the fixed wing commercial drone space.  The autopilot code was tested in their Lausanne, Switzerland location.  See senseFly technology in action.

Parrot has indicated a target release date of the Disco for later in 2016.

Disco prototype spec review:

  • Front nose camera FullHD 1080P
  • First person view thanks to live video stream
  • Lightweight and robust design to ease maneuverability
  • Automatic take-off and landing thanks to ground sensors
  • Easy to pilot thanks to assisted flying modes
  • Flight time around 45 minutes
  • Waypoints with Flight Plan (an in-app purchase)
  • GPS return home
  • Extended Wi-Fi range with Parrot Skycontroller
  • Detachable wings for easy transport


Meet our brand new Parrot Disco Drone, the first ever ready-to-fly winged drone.

Posted by Parrot on
Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Find out more about the new Disco drone prototype from the Parrot web page.