Police, first responder solutions with Motorola drone technology

USA Today gets an explanation from Bruce Mueller of Motorola about their new drone technology integrated with Motorola Solutions technology and how it helps first responders and other law enforcement and rescue organizations in the field of operations.

Motorola has partnered with CyPhy Works that makes a tethered drone.   Because it is tethered (e.g. electricity) it can stay aloft indefinitely.  A first responder vehicle could deploy it 100 to 400 feet above a disaster or other incident for a long period of time to monitor and provide other information and assistance.

According to a Motorola Solutions news release earlier in 2015,  Motorola Solutions made a strategic investment in CyPhy Works, a leading developer of advanced unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones.  The company CyPhy Works developed a drone technology and business road map that pioneers use of “microfilament tether” technology that enables long-duration or persistent flight with secure streaming of high-speed data and high-definition video.  The news release also says that the Motorola Solutions’ investment in CyPhy Works is part of a strategy to advance mission-critical communications by connecting public safety and commercial customers with real-time data and intelligence like has not been done before.

More about CyPhy

The co-creater of Roomba is CEO of CyPhy Works and they created a Kickstater campaign to launch their LVL 1 drone. Here is a video of the CyPhy LVL 1 in action.


Update Oct 2015: CyPhy demonstrating their technology to law enforement