PRENAV precision navigation drone technology

Cool video from PRENAV, a startup company that recently made its official launch announcement and released this video that showcases the aerial precision behind its commercial
drone technology.  The Bay Area startup is introducing what they say is the world’s most
precise commercial drone system.

According to PRENAV, product launch is slated for 2016.

Some interesting points about PRENAV and their technology from their press release.

  • They have received $1.2M in seed funding for the develop of a precision drone system with centimeter-level accuracy for infrastructure inspection
  • A commercial drone system that is so precise it can write letters and draw shapes in the sky. The level of control displayed is not possible with GPS and has only been seen in controlled environments like research labs with expensive motion capture systems.
  • The PRENAV video, titled Hello World, provides highlights of the system’s precision by utilizing LED lights on the drone and turning them on/off at specific pre-mapped locations, drawing shapes and letters in the sky.
  • The navigation capabilities of the PRENAV system are critical in commercial use cases like industrial inspection, where drones need to fly in close proximity to tall structures like cell towers and wind turbines.
  • PRENAV is currently working with customers including wireless carriers, cell tower owners, service providers, and wind turbine operators.
  • An early customer, Senvion, provides operation and maintenance services for nearly 1,000 wind turbines across North America
  • PRENAV has developed a patent-pending navigation system that consists of a guidance robot on the ground and an aerial robot (drone) working in coordination to fly close to structures. The guidance robot first scans the environment, then once flight begins, it tracks and shares position updates with the drone, keeping it on course even when dealing with wind and other disturbances. The system is operated via an intuitive touchscreen interface and requires no manual piloting skills, which makes it accessible to climbers, technicians, and anyone who is inspecting or maintaining industrial assets.

Here is a representation of the commercial application of the system where it provides a precise, automated navigation in close proximity to cell towers and other vertical structures.
Prenav navigation system
Image: Prenav

Find out more about Prenav from their Aug 2015 press release and/or visit their company website.