Race a Drone in the Snow of NYC – FPV Racing

The world of FPV drone racing is still a fairly small and a tight-knit group.  It’s also a segment of the fast growing but still relatively small drone industry.  But that might not be the case for long. These flying machines can reach speeds of up to 100 miles an hour and are flown in First Person View, making it the perfect option for people with a speed obsession or love of flying (virtually). Those who race say it’s going to be on ESPN one day, that we’ll have drone racing stadiums, and leagues, and maybe even drone combat.  With the popularity of gaming and sports, this first person view drone racing could very well be the next big thing !

FPV racing is moving to the global stage with the World Drone Racing Championships to be held in Hawaii in October 2016.

In the above video, Motherboard reports from the New York City borough of the Bronx on the upcoming hobby-sport of drone racing.  Great job by Motherboard in presenting the excitement of racing and all of the cool technology these pilots are using to fly FPV in the cold, snow-covered Bronx park.

Considering cold weather flying?
winter snow flying

You might want to consider the following cold weather issues:

  • Keeping your hands warm and at the same time gloves may take away feel of the transmitter sticks.  Maybe a transmitter mitt/glove
    Or even worse … gloved fingers don’t work well for smartphones/tablets.
  • Battery performance drop : may want to consider a battery heater to help improve performance.
  • The effect on mechanical and plastic parts
  • Condensation on electronics moving from outdoors to indoors

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