Results of $1,000,000 World Drone Prix 2016 Dubai

The world of FPV drone racing just went to a new level on March 11/12, 2016 with the biggest prize in history (thus far) for a drone racing event.   The first World Drone Prix brought pilots from around the world to compete in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for fun and excitement and for prizes totaling a mind blowing $1,000,000 !!   Wow, can’t wait to see what happens next year.  See the above video for some highlights from the final day of racing.

Congratulations to 15-year old Luke Bannister: Banni UK who won the first place prize of $250,000 for the event with some of the most flawless technical pilot skills.


Here is a breakdown of the $1,000,000 total prizes that were awarded … $250,000 for 1st place track race !!!  Wow!!

World Drone Prix 2016 awardsImage: WDP


Check out the video of the final race of the event.


A look at the track that the quads flew … talk about a high-tech circuit … and check out the lights and the Dubai skyline in the background. Looks like Dubai spared no expensive in making this event something magnificent.

World Drone Prix 2016 trackImage: WorldDronePrix Facebook

2016 Drone Racing

2016 looks like it might be the start of something very very big, with various racing leagues and events gaining traction on the world stage, including the Drone Racing League and the Drone Worlds.

  • Drone Worlds  – Awarding $200,000 in total cash, prizes and trophies across multiple categories on both physical and online racing coures, the Drone Worlds are scheduled to take place in Hawaii in October.  The event is a culmination of various national races that are taking place in countries around the world in the lead up to the World Drone Racing Championships (aka DroneWorlds).
  • Drone Racing League – The Drone Racing League started their first full season in 2016 which includes five races held at various locations and which culminate in a World Championship event later in year to crown the year’s champion.

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