Sperm Whales GOPRO4 drone video Dana Point danawharf.com

http://www.danawharf.com Dana Wharf Whale Watching more SPERM WHALE video this time shot in 4K , with a GO PRO 4 Drone. This Dana Wharf exclusive video featuring Sperm Whales frolicking off the Orange County Coast and specifically Dana Point is the first ever Drone footage from the encounter off Dana Point 10/6/14. Sperm Whales have never been seen close to shore off the coast of California and on this day thanks to some information from Capt Larry Hartmann, Whale Watchers and captains got to see Sperm Whales something they will probably never see again. Not just 1-2 but as you will see in the video we will show you up to 15 Sperm Whales from the pod believed to be up to 60- 75 strong.

Dana Wharf Whale Watching took two videos , one was taken by Captain Frank and was released first, upon landing his drone on the roof of the Ocean Adventure Catamaran something went wrong and the drone slipped off the roof into the ocean where Brennan had to dive in to the water Sperm Whales surrounding him to retrieve the drone that video is called “Sperm Whales drone video danawharf”.

Dana Wharf immediately called Air Reel Productions to come out and continue filming , to our surprise Air Reel had just purchased the GO PRO 4 the day before. This is unreal video quality shot in 4k. Enjoy the Sperm Whales like you have never seen on this special 2 minute video. Note to viewer: filmed in 4k to view this stunning resolution , click on the settings gear icon on the right hand side of the play bar and select 2160p option 4k.