Aerial of High Arctic Landscape – Drone Videography

A short film showing off the majesty of the landscape of the high Arctic. Experience stunning aerial footage over sea ice, ice caps and glaciers as well as stunning mountain landscapes. See what it’s like to encounter walrus and polar bears from a first person perspective!

This is a well done piece of videography with great drone piloting to expertly capture the stunning beauty of the Arctic.

From the video publisher:

A video summary of two Svalbard photo tours ran with Luminous Landscape in July 2014.

Footage almost exclusively shot with a pair of GoPro Hero 3+ cameras, one mounted on a DJI Phantom 2 drone.

Some of this footage is from a small drone, other parts were made with head-mounted cameras. When flying the drone, we took great pains to stay well clear of birds and other wildlife. We explicitly set out to neither endanger nor harass, and to act responsibly at all times. The footage with wildlife close to the camera was all either head-mounted or hand-held camera work.
UPDATE: Join me in Greenland in August/September 2015 where I’ll be running four workshops in the dramatic fjords of Scoresbysund.