Walkera Runner 250 FPV Racer Setup and Flight Test

For those considering purchasing an FPV racer, here is a good setup and intro flight test of the Walkera Runner 250 5.8GHz FPV Racing Quadcopter RTF (Basic 2 with Devo 7).  Excellent step by step of unpacking the contents of the shipment box.  There is virtually no assembly required out of the box, just spin on the props, load the battery (good pointers provided on battery positioning), then after that binding to the Devo 7 transmitter, increasing yaw rate by setting rudder travel to 150%, FPV video latency, and then for some intro flight tests.  Again good video for anyone considering this model.

Here are some specs for the Walkera Runner 250 from the Walkera website:

  • Main rotor dia = 140mm
  • Overall LxWxH = 225 x 205 x 92mm
  • Weight (including battery) = 530g
  • Brushless Motor = WK-WS-28-014(CW/CCW)
  • Battery = 11.1V 2200mAh 25C 3S LiPo
  • Flight Time = 12 – 14 mins
  • Camera resolution = 800TVL
  • Receiver = DEVO-RX710
  • Remote = DEVO F7/Devo 7

Update: October 2015  Walkera Live publishes official announcement promo video of the Runner 250 CC3D edition.

Update: October 2016 The new Walkera Runner 250 PRO is available and has a purchase price (as of Dec 2016) of $399 on the Walkera shop site.

Walkera Runner 250 Pro

The Runner 250 PRO includes various upgrades (source Walkera)

* New flight control design for precise flight altitude and improved flight stability.
* Increase in hover accurancy and search speed using new GPS/GLONASS dual mode satellite positioning sytem
* Upgrade in appearance
* Simplified head design to reduce excess weight.
* Reduced height of fuselage
* Antenna positon moved to the tail for better signal flow transmission.

Runner 250 Pro user’s manual

FPV racer Runner 250 Pro

Image: Walkera

In addition to the Walkera Runner 250, there are two more FPV racers that are popular with those who want to race but don’t want to build their rig from stratch … the Immersion Vortex and the Storm Racing Drone.

Specs for the Immersion Vortex 285

  • 285-sized foldable Mini-Quad
  • Carbon Fiber and custom injected plastic design
  •  Integrated Flight Controller, pre-loaded with Cleanflight
  •  Integrated full-graphic OSD, with on-screen control of.. everything
  •  Integrated 40 channel NexWaveRF 5.8GHz Video Tx
  • Pro-tuning options, select your favorite pilot!
  •  Tight interface with EzUHF receivers
  • Tiltable, Vibration-free Camera mount
  • GoPro (3/4) and Mobius mounting options

Storm Racing Drone Type-A V2 features from helipal.com

  • 250mm size (motor to motor)
  • Battery is placed inside the frame for better protection and easier adjustment on weight distribution
  • Installed with 200mw Video System for first person view experience
  • Powerful Motors and 6045 Propellers for quick acceleration and sharp cornering
  • Mini CC3D Flight Controller with customized parameters, excellent stability and handling
  • Adjustable tilt angle 110° camera and Video Transmitter, ZERO delay and good quality video in the forest
  • Front and Rear LED Lights
  • Built-in remote triggering buzzer for lost-n-found
  • Built-in low battery warning buzzer

Check out a video of a Storm Racer in action flying against a Lumenier QAV250.

See comparison of EMAX Nighthawk Pro 280 vs Walkera Runner 250