Yuneec Typhoon H : Sense and Avoid Drone Tech

Yuneec’s Typhoon drone series Typhoon H is a compact design six rotor with retractable landing grear and a 360-degree gimbal camera.

On Jan. 5, 2016 Yuneec International announced the Typhoon H, a new category for the drone enthusiast. The Typhoon H delivers capabilities previously only found in high-end professional offerings, but at a nice consumer price point of $1,799 according to Yuneec.  It also unveiled this new unit at CES 2016.


Yuneec Typhoon H
Image credit: Yuneec International


  • six rotors
  • retractable landing gear
    – retracts during flight in order to remove platform from the camera shot for unobstructed views
  • 360-degree gimbal
    – allows for unlimited panning
  • new CGO3+ camera with 4K video and 12MP picture capability
  • Safety Features include:
    – Geo-fencing
    – Variable Speed Control
    – Dynamic Return Home
    – Low-Battery Return Home
    – FAA No Fly
  • professional quality Android-based ST16 controller, which has a large 7-inch integrated display and HD 720p video downlink for stunning real-time  video reception.
  • New flight and image capture modes
    – Point of Interest
    – Orbit
    – Curved Cable
  • New safety features
    – ultrasonic proximity detection to assist in avoiding large obstacles
    – a failsafe system which allows Typhoon H to remain stable and land if a motor should fail
  • Quick disconnect props for speedy removal from the motors
  • Easy and compact transportation
    –  each rotor arm quickly folds down from its flight position
  • Compact design
  • Custom designed hardcase backpack for storage
  • Extensive use of carbon fiber to decrease weight while increasing durability
  • Ability to add mission-specific modules

According to Yuneec’s press release, the Typhoon H will be available for the suggested retail price of $1,799 USD. In addition, the Typhoon Q500 family of drones will also continue to be available starting at the suggested retail price of $899.99.

Sense and Avoid Tech

Planned add-ons include a high performance collision avoidance module based on Intel® RealSense™ Technology and an advanced IR camera module.

See Intel® RealSense™ technology in action.  Watch the AscTec Firefly drone use this technology to navigate through a heavily wooded forest.

Source: Yuneec International Press Release

DJI Inspire 1 killer?

The Typhoon H is being positioned to deliver a high-end, Hollywood-caliber drone experience while being priced at just two-thirds of that of DJI’s Inspire 1.

Like the Inspire 1, the Typhoon H has retractable landing gear and a camera which can pan a full 360 degrees. However, unlike the Inspire 1 the Typhoon H has six rotors instead of four. Yuneec indicates that this will allow the craft to remain stable and land in the event it loses one or two motors. DJI also has a six-rotor platform targeted at Hollywood professionals, the S900, which sells for $3,400 when fully equipped with a HD camera. The Typhoon H is expected to retail for $1,799, while the Inspire 1 goes for $2,600. (Jan 2016 data).