eBay Australia’s DroneAFriend Campaign

During a recent weekend in Sydney, eBay Australia arranged for surprise deliveries via drone of some awesome gifts to some of Australia’s most deserving friends.

According to an article on the eBay Media Centre this is how it worked:
Have you ever wanted to reward a deserving friend with the ultimate techy surprise?  eBay Australia gave valued eBay shoppers the opportunity to do just this with a clever delivery of the latest technology this week, with the activation of the brands #DroneAFriend campaign.

The campaign was led by Razorfish with support of DroneHeadz, with eBay Australia asking Sydney shoppers to nominate a deserving friend they wished to reward and surprise with the ultimate tech product. Shoppers were asked to submit entries via a dedicated Facebook app* located on the eBay Australia Facebook page, where they were simply asked, ‘Why do you want to drone your friend?’

eBay received over 2,500 entries, with inspirational and hilarious stories and nominations shared from all over Sydney. eBay received everything from marriage proposals to pleas to save friends from their terrible taste in music. Fans were able to allocate their desired tech product to their nominee, ranging from the latest iPhone 6 to a GoPro, Nikon DSLR and Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 to suit a whole host of tech obsessions.

After rounds of deliberations, five worthy recipients were chosen and directed by the friend that nominated them to head to various Sydney locations from Bondi Beach to Macquarie’s Chair on the afternoon of Saturday 28th March.