Turbo Ace Matrix – Longer flight time than DJI Inspire and Align M480

Check out the Matrix version i quadcopter from Turbo Ace in the above video.  According to Turbo Ace, the 3 axis gimbal will ensure incredibly smooth video that is jello free no matter how you handle the Matrix. The gimbal is Hero4 ready and can even handle lens filters and adapters without effecting performance.

In addition, the new high efficiency motors can boost your flight time dramatically. Expect flight times from 30 – 45+ minutes with the Matrix-I, dependent on battery size.

As well as, the FPV antennas and receivers can extend your video range up to 2 miles without any latency. The high bandwidth 5.8G transmitters we use give a clear picture with no lag, allowing you to easily fly FPV.

And finally, according to Turbo Ace, each Matrix is customized per order. Depending on your needs, we can install on screen display systems, shutter controls, and even autonomous flight capabilities including waypoints and course planning.

Turbo Ace Matrix
Image: Turbo Ace

MATRIX Features and Specification

(Source Turbo Ace)

Designed for aerial video and photography, Matrix sports low profile architecture, its triple carbon fiber deck supports a generous 1000mm wingspan that’s foldable down to fit inside an optional carry-on aluminum case for portability. No dismounting and remounting of propellers, landing skids or gimbal are required. Its larger & powerful motors, propellers and batteries offer up to 3 times the flight time and payload of a traditional quadcopter. Ideally positioned camera mount on the nose delivers wide-angle views unobstructed by propeller shadows, reflections and landing skids. And, with versatile battery positions to counter a variety of gimbal and camera payloads, Matrix’s well-balanced center of gravity is key to superior video quality for a wide range of applications.


  • Triple Deck Carbon Fiber Architecture
  • Foldable Arms that locks into portable or operating positions
  • Naza-M Lite, Naza-M V2, WooKong & A2 Flight Controller Selection
  • GPS & Compass Functions include GPS-Lock, Home-Lock, Course-Lock & Return-to-Home
  • Brushless Gimbal for gyro based auto-stabilization or Hard Mount with Vibration Isolation Options
  • Centrally Located Rotation for camera & gimbal auto-stabilization eliminates the pendulum effect
  • 42mm Brushless Motors dynamically balanced to minimize vibrations
  • 40amp ESCs with Cooling Algorithm over specced to support extended high torque operations
  • 15inch Extra Heavy Duty Carbon Fiber Propellers to resist flexing and warping under heavier payloads
  • 2.4GHz Standard & Long Range Walkera, Spektrum & Futaba Transmitters, Receivers & Telemetry
  • Multiple Battery Mounting Positions both on the top or bottom of main frame
  • Single 8,000 or 10,000 or 16,000 or 22,000 mah 6S (22.2V) LiPo Battery Options
  • B601 or Quattro Professional Wall Charger Options
  • Adjustable Landing Skid for a variety of surfaces
  • Foldable GPS Compass with Locking Bracket for consistent alignment
  • Adjustable Arms Mounting Position for aggressive forward sports flight
  • FPV Live Feed Video available for a selection of cameras
  • Flash Memory with detailed instructions
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Carrying Case will be available to fit Matrix, transmitter, gimbal & more.
  • Training Package Options including small crash resistant quadcopters & flight simulators


  • Dimensions Operating Position (including propellers): L=392mm, W=1000mm, H=135mm
  • Dimensions Folded Position (including propellers): L=800mm, W=290mm, H=120mm
  • Dimensions Motor to Motor: Diagonal=725mm, Front to Front=615mm, Back to Back=545mm
  • Dimensions Blade Tip to Tip: Diagonal 1106mm, Width=996mm
  • Maximum Payload Capacity: Gimbal+Camera+Accessories=3.5LB,
  • Gimbal+Camera+Accessories+8000mah Battery=6.2LB
  • Maximum Optimal Payload Capacity: Gimbal+Camera+Asscessories=2.5LB,
  • Gimbal+Camera+Accessories+8000mah Battery=5.2LB
  • Matrix Weight without Payload/Battery: 3.5LB
  • Typical Operating Weight: Matrix+Brushless Gimbal+Hero3+VTX+2x5300mah Batteries = 8LB
  • Motors: Diameter=42mm, Height=35mm
  • ESC: 40amp
  • Propellers: 2xCW & 2xCCW, 15″ Extra Robust Carbon Fiber Constructions, Dual Position Mount
  • Battery Recommended: 6S (22.2V) 35C at 2×5,300mah, 1×8,000mah & 1×10,000mah
  • Flight Time: Matrix + 8,000mah Battery + Brushless Gimbal + Hero3 = 25min
  • Flight Time: Matrix + 8,000mah Battery + Vibration Isolation Carbon Plates + Hero3 = 30+min
  • Flight Time: Matrix + 10,000mah Battery = 35min
  • Transmitter & Receiver Recommendation: 2.4GHz, Minimum 6-Channels, Optimal 7-Channels or more
  • Standard Distance Operations: 300 to 500 feet (Using Walkera Devo 10 & Most Other Name Brand Transmitters)
  • Long Distance Operations: 4,224 feet (.8miles) to 6,336 feet (1.2miles) (Using Spektrum DX8/DX18 & Futaba 14SG)
  • FPV Recommendation: 5.8GHz Video Transmitter & Video Receiver + Monitor or Goggles
  • Wind Tolerance: Class 5
  • Aluminum Case Dimensions: L=935mm, W=410mm, H=145mm