Micro Drone 3 | Small Personal Quadcopter

A cool little personal drone that can stream HD footage to your smartphone.  The Micro Drone 3.0 combines expandable modular technology, sensor-assisted flying and a micro-gimbal for live streaming video and currently (June 2015) launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  Here are some specifications from their campaign page:
Intelligent Motion Sensors – It uses a combination of motion sensors that allow it to hover and fly in a straight line
Sensor Programing – Corrective algorithms will allow you to fly in wind speeds up to 45mph
Camera module that shoots 720 x 1280HD video at 30fps
Connect via WiFi and you can capture video and photos directly on your smart phone.
With 3D printing technology build custom frames
Battery: 450mAh Lithium cell
Flight time up to 8 minutes
Weight 56g (71g with camera)
Range 50ft (smartphone) 300ft (2.4Ghz radio)
Speed 45mph
Smarphone connectivity via WiFi tethered to a smartphone
CPU ARM Cortex processor
Development platform: Eclipse IDE
Their timeline on their campaign shows plans for shipping to Indiegogo backers in Nov 2015 and retail distribution in the Nov-Dec 2015 timeframe.

See the micro drone’s video of its unveiling at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Their Indiegogo campaign page is here –

Find out more about this personal drone at the company’s website:  http://www.microdrone.co.uk