Aerial view of Muscamoot Bay Raft Off 2014 captured by drone

The annual boat party at Muscamoot Bay called “Raft Off” was captured from the air by a DJI Phantom 2 drone. Every year boaters from all over the metro Detroit area converge to Lake St. Clair’s Muscamoot Bay on the first Saturday in August for a day full of partying around their boats tied off in the bay.

The 2014 Michigan boat party which gathered thousands of boaters hoped for a least 5,000 boats joining together to break a record.

The videographer did an excellent job at piloting the DJI drone while nicely capturing the long line of boats stretched across the water and among them the massive number of partiers enjoying the day of fun in the water.

The 2015 Raft Off

Raft Off 2016 is scheduled for August 13th again in Muscamoot Bay