SteadiDrone MAVRIK quadcopter

The SteadiDrone MAVRIK is a new breed of multicopter.  The MAVRIK does not replace the popular QU4D but is its new bigger, more grown up brother, a medium lift workhorse good for various commercial applications.  Watch the above video to see the MAVRIK in action.

SreadiDrone MavrikImage: SteadiDrone

From SteadiDrone … We’ve spent a long time developing the MAVRIK to be the most affordable high quality medium lift drone available today, or tomorrow. With an all new fully adjustable rail supported front mounted brushless gimbal that will fly hundreds of different cameras with the ability to point straight up, to our well known ‘Rapid Deploy’ folding air frame design, a new airframe hatch that allows access the electronics quick and easy without the need for any tools. A high strength impact resistant top dome that not only looks great, it includes flight controller LED and USB access without needing to remove the dome! These features and many more make the MAVRIK a revolution in drone design and offer an aerial platform you can take out everyday and use with confidence, whether it be a commercial job or shooting ultra smooth video, aerial mapping or search and rescue, the MAVRIK will do it all and more.

Some key features and specifications:

  • Unique front mounted gimbal gives quad the ability to point directly upwards and all the way down.
  • Rapid deploy design allows it to fold down into an ultra compact size for case transport and to deploy and in the air in under 5 minutes
  • Weight MAX payload : 2000 g (drone); 800g (gimbal)
  • Weight MAX AUW : 4950g
  • MAX range (radio): 1500m
  • MAX operating wind: 11m/s
  • Flight time: <24min

Download the Mavrik brochure in pdf format from the SteadiDrone website.