Steadidrone QU4D Quadcopter – Life and Death of a Tarot Brushless Gimbal

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I fitted this Tarot T-2D Brushless Gimbal to my Steadidrone QU4D.

In my opinion this is a very good brushless gimbal. It runs very smooth and absolutely silently, you can not hear it at all.

I only got 2 flights out of it though, but that is my own stupid fault.

I plugged my Low voltage alarm into the battery for the gimbal instead of the one for the QU4D by mistake!!!

Luckily when the battery died and the QU4D suddenly started coming down with no warning, i wasn’t over the river, but i did manage to set it down in a shallow puddle.

Some water splashed up onto the circuit board for the gimbal and fried it……Thats gonna cost me.

Sorry about the blurry spot in the middle of the picture at the beginning, i scuffed up the lens of my GoPro and didn’t realise til after.

I did manage to polish the scuff out with a soft cloth and some Autosol (metal polish) (-:

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